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Date: 2002-10-20

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> It remains however true that the balcanics use the "will" for making the future and this is to find in german languages. I am not sure now how greek makes the future, but if there is a bit strange future with will in germanic and balcanic but not in nord& west slavic and latin & other romances.

This future use of "will/want" is one of the best known areal features of the Balkan sprachbund. What's a Balkan speciality is the variant "I want that I write" rather than "I want to write" (Modern Greek uses <tha> = contracted <thelo na> 'I want + that'), not found in Germanic, where the the bere infinitive is used after the modal. It's a case of indepenent development, not of borrowing from Gothic.

> Regarding tolove. I get now an info in celtic it was "lubo" and in sanskrit this is "yabhati".In this case it shouldn't be excluded that the form of getic to be similar with slavic "liuba", celtic "lubo", latin "libet", germanic "liuba".Getic was too an IE langauge so it is very probable that " a iubi" is indeed autochtonous in romanian. I sometimes hate when I think that people like Tuycide and Meandru were getae but they did not wrote nothing about their language:((

*leubH- 'like, love' is PIE, but its form in Romanian points to Slavic *ljubiti rather than inherited Lat. li:bet (with *eu > i: in pre-Classical times). In theory, it could be of Germanic origin as well. The primary verb with the apophonic grade *leub- (Ger. lieben < *liub-j-an-) exists in Germanic, but is relatively rare there, the prevailing forms being denominal formations like *-laub-j-an- (cf. Goth. ga-laubjan, Ger. g-lauben) or *lub-o:-j-an- (Eng. love). Skt. yabHati is unrelated, being a cognate of Slavic *jebati 'f*u*c*k'.

> I see an another slavist, Pãtrutz, sustains that the earliest slavic loans into romanin are at the begining of the X century... hmm, a lot to say, but it is not ontopic that
anymore. What a list will discut borrowings in the medieval time?

I don't know such a list. How about setting one up yourself?