Re: [tied] OE *docga 'Fido'?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-19

Some have seen a "hardened" laryngeal in Gmc. sugo: (e.g. OE sugu > ME souwe > sow; the gemination in Swedish is expressive, as in the hypocoristic forms previously discussed), but I think a suffix (diminutive *-k-) is far more likely: *su-k-á: > *sugo:. Apart from that derivative, Germanic also has the basic root noun *su:- (OHG su:, ON sýr, acc./dat. sú, a reflex of which occurs in Danish, cf. ko 'cow' : ON [Icel.] kýr, kú), and the de-adjectival neuter *sw-i:n-a.
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> In the case of HOG there's a clear relation to Welsh hwch < *huccos < *Celtic *succos.

But what do you make of Swedish 'sugga' "sow" then (sorry, I don't have a Swedish Etym Dict)? Danish instead has 'so' "sow". Perhaps North Germanic Verschärfung?