Re: [tied] Re: Check out Origin of Ancient Languages

From: Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen
Message: 16389
Date: 2002-10-18

Perhaps it's off topic (though the limits of phonotactic typology are very
much *on* topic), but I have just about the same impression as Torsten
with /ptklli/. The word can be proclitic, as in That's not particularly
nice of her! And my impression is that there is no vowel to speak of in
the first half, except for a voiceless release phase between the t and the
k. Is that all wrong? Surely Torsten is not claiming the word has no other
realisations, but only that, given a special key (register), it is
occasionally sounded very much like he wrote.


On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Richard Wordingham wrote:

> --- In cybalist@..., "tgpedersen" <tgpedersen@...> wrote:
> > The ability of Poles to heap up and pronounce syllable-initial
> > consonants impresses also me mightily (it sounds positively
> Iranian).
> > But even you guys can't compete with BBC English /ptklli/, which
> > judging from context I take to mean "particularly".
> Just in case anyone thinks Torsten is serious, there is definitely a
> vowel (albeit very short) between /t/ and /k/, and either there's a
> schwa next to the first of the /l/'s, or the first is vocalised.
> Richard.
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