Re: Let dogs and pigs have their way too

From: tgpedersen
Message: 16388
Date: 2002-10-18

> Falk & Torp says Da.,No. dogge, Sw. dogg, Low Germ. dogge, High
> Dogge are all loans from Engl. dog., of which the origin is
> False cognate or megalithic loan? OTOH, no cognates in Celtic, but
> suppose it's geminated (and then some) from AngSax déug, ON duga,
> German taugen "be any good, be valid", cf OIr dúal (< *dug-lo-
> ) "appropriate", Lith. dau~g "much", Russian duz^ij "strong", Greek
> túkHe: "luck". Except Greek all within Megalithic range.
> then ON dyggr "faithful" (< *deuwia-). Or loanword (note
> Torsten

ODEngEtym: pig
...ME pigge < OE *picga, *pigga, of similar formation to
*docga "dog" ... connexion with synon LG, early Du. bigge, big, MDu
vigghe, cannot be made out...

So both unclean SE Asian animals have a sonder-English name,
similarly derived, for whatever reason. Substrate? But what?