a short histroy for Spain

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Date: 2002-10-17

I should be very gratefully if someone will tell me if here
are wrong entriee and if so, which are the eroneus

Tacitus, anal. lib VI 34
"The iberans and the albanians ......... say they are
originary from Thessalia."
" Nam Iberi Albanique saltuosos locos incolentes, duritiae
petientiaeque insuevere. Feruntque se Thessalis ortos"

Some old historians considered the iberic peoplöe to be " good
brothers" with italians:
Isidorius Orig. lib IX.2. 26-29
"Filii igitur Iaphet... Iuvan a quo Iones... Tubal a quo Iberi
qui et Hispani, licet quidam ex eo et Italo suspincentur."
I find some tribes here in Iberia as fallow:
Albocenses, Ambirodaci, Ablaidaci, Arevaci, Argeli, Aurienses,
Barbarii(Barbarium promont), Berones, Bibali, Bursaonenses,
Calnici, Comanesciqi, Cosetani, Dagences, Deciani,
Ergavicenses, Gruii, Ilergetes, (Ilergetae, Ilaraugatae),
Indigetes, Laeetani /Letani, Longeidoci, Lunarii ( Lunarium
promont), Pelendones, Ossigi, Orienses(Aurienses), Turdetani,
Turduli, Tarraconenses, Vaccaei, Vascones, Virvesci, Vloqi.
The most important of these tribes should have been the
Turdetanii.positionen in the today region of Sevilla and
Strabo (lib III) write the turdetanii are the most learned
from all of them , they have a codex of laws in verses older
as 6000 years.

From al these people the people who fought very long with the
romans were the Pelendones ( Plinius lib III 4.10, Ptolemeus
lib. II 6.53 and 6.55) They were settled at the river Durius
(Duero) and, with they neighbour people called Arevacii they
fought over 20 years against romans.
In teh neighbourship of these Pelendones is the city known
from roman inscriptions as "Uxama".
Silius Italicus say about Uxama veeing a city with "sarmatici
muri" and that the people there have sarmatic traditions.
(Silicus Italicus Pun. lib. III v 384 seqq: "Sarmaticos
adtollens Uxama muros"
In the roman times these people was called sarmati, argeli or
The names of these people we know as fallow:
Arraedo, Atto, Crastuno, Docilico, Ebuaneo, Magulio, Ranto,
Urcico. The gyntes of them:
Calnici, Coronici, Corovesci, Comenesciqi

For the other tribes as Ilergetae , Illaraugatae ( at Plinius
and Livius= Ilergetas, by Strabo and Ptolemeu Ilergeta, at
Hecateus -frag 15 - Ilaraugatae) we find such informations:
-two cities have the name Iluro one in Baetica on in
Tarraconia.The most important city of Indigeti was the city
Deciana ( Ptolemeus lib II 6.72)
About the Vloqi we have an inscription in CIL vol II nr 6311
about a Britto, son of Daticus, from tribe of Vloqi.
Mela tells us about a part of Spain called Scythicum.(Mela
Orb. Descript. lib III 1 " ad septentriones toto latere terra
(Hispaniac) convertitur a celtico promontorio ad Scythicum
Silius Italicus says about the Concani from Cantabria beeing
of orygin Mesagetae or scythians .
Silius Italicus III v 360-61 (Concanus) Massageten monstrans
feritate parentem.

there is much more here, but I guess it is enough for this