slavic pondarI

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Message: 16316
Date: 2002-10-16

slavic pondarI means what?

I have in romanian the substantive "pândar" and the verb " a
pândi" which means watcher, to watch, guardian
cf DEX etymology as fallow:
pândar= slavic pondarI
a pândi= slavic ponditi

Do we have something before slavs?
Let see:
From Homer we know the name of one of the best bowmen of the
Troians, whom , the legend say, Appolo gave him as gift a bow.
The name of this one was "Pandarus".
The latins have had a deity of the roads, called "dea Panda"
called so, becouse it was in his power to:
" viam pandere et aperire" (Arnob. 4.128)

Is mythology so bad?:-)