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Date: 2002-10-16

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Actually, your discussion of "drãcila" seemed interesting
without bringing in a Dacian 'drocila' that might actually be
typographical error! ('Lexicographic ghost', to be polite.)
However, 'draco' should give a hard <c> i.e. /k/; why does the
Romanian have a soft <c> i.e. /tS/?


[moeller] it has!
it has in plural forms and in substantives
let speak just about tS in the derivates from "drac"
drac sg = pl.draci, plural with article dracii ( the second i
is long)
a drãci= to make bad things
drãcie= more senses. for instances " an unknown thing" = "o
drãcie", " at hell with this"= "Ei drãcie!",
there are othere derivates with "drac" but without "tS" like
dracovenie, dracoaicã= she-evil", drãcesc="evil-like" and so