Re: [tied] berbery, barberry

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-15

The pompedulon/quinquefolium is what we now call the cinquefoil, _Potentilla_, a small herb with characteristic compound leaves, each of five leaflets. It doesn't even remotely resemble the barberry in any way. Besides, you may need a new pair of glasses for reading. The text has <procila> (probably a shortened or otherwise distorted variant of <propedila, propedula>, itself apparently a folk distortion of the Gaulish word), not "drocila". Here's another sardonic smile for you:
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Subject: [tied] berbery, barberry

Tthe latin name of this bush beeing "Berberis vulgaris"
The romanian name of this is "drĂ£cila"
I atake a look in DEX and I  read as fallow:
drĂ£cila: bushy shrub, with pale-green deciduous leaves, etc.
Etymology: slavic "draCi", "dracije"
OK, I found it, I have the etymology , I am happy until I read
in another book this passage:
"Galli popmpedulon, Dacii propedula alii d r o c i l a , Itali

Should I be surprised? Or the best thing to do is to consider
it a more coincidentaly cognates?