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Date: 2002-10-15

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> The obvious answer is that Ptolemy transcribed a Latin name
> into Greek letters. Whether this is the correct answer, I
> know. It would help if you gave a reference so others could
> check the citation.
> Dan Milton

I think too, it must be a latin word which explained better a
relation with a word as maybe a greek expresion.
The expresion is to find later by Marin of Tyr, this time in a
latin text, with a something cahnged meaning, but meaning
which does not
affects the word in discution. Just for info :
if by Ptolemeus the "koistobokoi kai transmontaini" meant
somehow two people " costobocis and transmontans", by Marin of
Tyr we have " Coistoboci transmontani" which changes the sense
of the sentes.
Nevertheless, how I said, this is just an information on the
text which does nothing to do with the initial question about
the origin on the word transmontan"