Re: transmontan

From: danjmi
Message: 16254
Date: 2002-10-14

The obvious answer is that Ptolemy transcribed a Latin name
into Greek letters. Whether this is the correct answer, I don't
know. It would help if you gave a reference so others could
check the citation.
Dan Milton
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> Is this word a latin or a greek word?
> .The first tought is to say this word is a latin word , a
> composed word from latin "trans" and "montem" but...
> but I find that Ptolemeus use the same therm regarding the
> population over the Peucini Mountains ( today Basarabia):
> "koistobokoi kai transmontanoi"
> For greek letters:
> "kappa-omikron-iota-sigma-tau-omikron-beta-omega-chi-
> stobokoi
> "tau-rho-alpha-nu-sigma-mu-omikron-nu-tau-alpha-nu-
> a"=transmontanoi.