Cicero , barbarian

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 16211
Date: 2002-10-13

hmm, i learn that the roman senate very oft used the
brabarians "auguri" to give their meaning if the procesions of
roman consules have been made in conformity with the old
relios rules. Why these barbarians to be asked for the old
religious rules?

"An vos Tusci, ac Barbari, auspiciorum populi Romani jus
tenetis, et interpretes esse comitiorum potestis?"

Here too, an english transaltion of the text will be very
Nice to see, untill now we have the definition of "barbaric
language" form the side of romans. from the saide of greek,
tha latin language is too, a barbarian language.And here is
the point. Is latin in the greek vision a barbar langauges
just because romans does not belog to greek culture or because
of the relationship of latin language and other barbarian