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From: Sergejus Tarasovas
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Date: 2002-10-02

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Yes, Sergei, I wanted to say the same. Perhaps I failed to do this clear

You didn't, actually. I was clarifying for Piotr and other members of the list. 
>>>> [Sergejus Tarasovas]
The language of Ilmen Slovenes seems to have no genetic affinities to
Krivichian, it was, most likely, very close to those (still unestablished,
but most likely those of Kievan Polianes) dialects that underly so called
Standard Old Russian, so the linguistic data are congruous with Sedov's
archeological concepts.
>> [Alexander]
I have never met information about possible affinity of Ilmen Slovenes with
Polianes (only with westernmost Slavic tribes like Obodrits). Could you
please give a reference?
Please note I didn't say there's close affinity between Ilmene Slovenes and Polianes. I said, following Zalizniak (_Drevnenovgorodskij dialekt_, see, eg., the introduction) and Nikolaev (_S. L. Nikolaev. Rannee dialektnoje c^lenenie
i vnes^nie sv'azi vostoc^noslav'anskix dialektov_. Voprosy
jazykoznanija, 1994, Nr. 3, p. 23-49), that the tribal dialect of Ilmene Slovenes to an extent it can be reconstructed shows -- at least as to the (morpho)phonology -- to be very close to the dialect underlying Standard Old Russian. I wouldn't dare speculate on possible extralinguistic implications of that -- it's sorta out of my competence.