On Sun, 29 Sep 2002, Sergejus Tarasovas wrote:

> --- In cybalist@..., Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen <jer@...> wrote:
> > It was restored: o-stems had IE *-o:ns, so a-stems got *-a:ns, both
> having
> > acute, in Lith. as well as in Greek.
> Just to clarify the matters: do you explain the o-stems' acute as
> analogical after *a:-stems or do you agree with those who state any
> tautosyllabic *-V:R- (not necessarily underlied by *-VHR- or *-VRH-)
> yields Balto-Slavic acute (and the laryngeal or a Winterian media is
> not necessary here).

The latter: -V:RC- became BSl. -VRC- with acute intonation. But also plain
length (without laryngeals and without help from Winter's Law) yielded
acute. I disagree fundamentally with Kortlandt in this.