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> Dha_man is derived from the root, 'dhr.' -- 'to hold'.

No, it isn't. It comes from *dHeh1- 'place, put down, establish, do':
*dHeh1-men-, related to Eng. doom < OE do:m 'judgement' < Gmc. do:-ma-
< *dHoh1-mo-s, and deem < *do:mjan-. English <dome> is unrelated; it
is a loan, ultimately from Latin domus 'house'.

> What would the PIE for 'dharma' be?

_This_ comes from {dHR} < PIE *dHer- 'hold, support'. The PIE
prototype is *dHer-m(e)n- for <dHarman-> (RV) and *dHer-mo-s for
<dHarma-> (post-RV).