A temple called aks.aradham, a revered temple complex of
Swaminarayan panth in Gujarat, is recently in the news.

aks.aradha_m, the eternal temple.

Dha_man is derived from the root, 'dhr.' -- 'to hold'.

dha_man means: established order (R.gveda).

dha_rayati iti dharma, 'that which sustains (upholds) is dharma'.
hence, dha_man becomes the abode of the divinities, a site of sacred
agni and soma.

The word signifies the early evolution of the mandiram or temple in
bha_rati_ya (Indian) tradition.

Cognates are: Lat. {fam-ulus} ; Angl. Sax. {dom} ; Goth. {domas} ;
Germ. {tuom} and suff. {-tum}.

Possibly, English, 'dome' which evokes the dome of a stu_pa in the
tradition of Buddha dhamma.

What would the PIE for 'dharma' be?