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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-23

Note that East Slavic tribal, patronymic and toponymic names in -ic^- and West Slavic ones in -ic- derive from Proto-Slavic *-itj-. The Southern reflexes of that are OCS/Bulgarian/Macedonian -is^t- (with secondary dialectal variants -ic^- and -ik'- due to Serbian influence), Serbo-Croatian -ic'- and Slovene -ic^-. In the southernmost opart of Slavia you should definitely look for "ishty" (-is^ti) rather than "itsy" or "itchy" names. Don't confuse them with the very common "-ishte" toponyms from *-is^c^e < *-isk-jo- ("the place where there used to be a ..."), e.g. Ukr. horodys^c^e, Pol. grodziszcze, Bulg. gradis^te.
For the same development in a common noun, cf. *sve^tja 'candle' > Russ. svec^a, Pol. s'vieca, Cz. svíce, SCr. svijec'a/svec'a, OCS sves^ta, Bulg. sves^t.
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> *****GK: -CI will also do. BTW I'm not talking of
> tribal names but of toponyms. Are there many toponyms
> in -CI or -ICI?******

there are quite a few _modern_ toponyms in -CI: Chiprovci,
Radomirci, etc. Some of them do appear to be derived from
clan names. I cannot think of medieval examples right now.