Re: Two yards

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 15641
Date: 2002-09-20

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Yard 1 - gHwosdHos:
> Sw. gadd "sting" (of bee, etc, the stiletto part).

Yard 2 - gwosdos:
> How about considering Sw. kvast, Da. kost "broom" (Da. wa > wo > o),
> town in Jutland Ikast (I- "yew")? That would point to gw-, not gW-?

I think you mean 'gw-, not gHw-'. If not, please tell me more about
their different reflexes.

These do support the *gwosdos root, which no one was denying in this
very general sense. They are even in Pokorny - and look for the e-grade, 'gves'. It
was the connection with gvozdI 'nail' that was being debated.