The Saharan connection (Cumbre Vieja)

From: Che
Message: 15640
Date: 2002-09-20

> (e) Why would tsunami damage force people to emigrate long
> other than as pirates?
>I think their island slipping from under their feet would make
anybody emigrate. Haven't you watched Superman?
But seriously, Plato places Atlantis just outside of the pillars of
Hercules. There's no telling how much of Canaria already disappeared
under the waves.
The Canarian prehispanic aborigines were the Guanches, a people, as far as I know, belonging to the same group that the Berbers (Amazighen) who spread all over the Magrib, reaching as far as Egipt. Indeed, if I'm not wrong or misread, the ancient Egiptian language is thought to be related to the tamazigh (Berber) language, or at least to be part of the same linguistic group (was it Camitic?)
Then we have all that mythological Egiptian stuff about Osiris, the World turning over, and the return to the Western lands etc. and, of course, all the archaelogical evidences stating migrations from the Atlantic Coast Eastwards to Egipt.
BUT, on the other hand, we have serious reasons to think that the upper dominant classes (the Pharao and the religious cast) in ancient Egipt DID NOT belong to the same group that the population because, once the great pyramides times passed, as we all know, all of a sudden the Egiptian civilization seems to become merely a shade of what it was: no more pyramides, no more "Egiptian Stuff".
Looks like the Pharao (remember, Osiris was literaly the first one and came from the West, blah, blah) and adlaters were part of a people from a very advanced civilization, but few in number, who arrived to a natural privileged area (the Nile valley) after running away first from we dont know exactly what, and later from the progressive desertification of the Sahara, and tried to reproduce what their homeland was, or at least, took advantage of their superiority to rule over the native paleolitic people, but keeping themselves away from the natives in a hermetic close and holding all the techonlogical knowledge to mantain their dominion over the natives, becoming living gods, probably impelled by their will to stay pure and to keep their ethnic lines alive, an actitude which finally lead them, their knowledge and their civilization to extinction. After that, only remains the religious cast, probably natives instructed merely like parrots repeating things that they didnt actually understand, so the original civilization becomes a shade of the original and finally gets assimilated by other peoples.
So we face a contradiction, which may lead us to think that Atlantis was NOT in the Canarian Islands.
Besides, we have the Aztec civilization...