Re: Romanian ge > $

From: g
Message: 15621
Date: 2002-09-19

>it sounds "more rumanian":-)) hehe. But tehy do not change
>"ct" in "pt" in conjucatzion like " vreau sa te complectez..

"compleCtez" is a fiction. Although so many people say
"compleCtez", this word is... fictitious.

>The only one tought I have is a corelation with aStepta = to
>wait versus a de$tepta= to wake up, to realize what is going

But are you aware of the fact that "de$tept" is actually a
variant of the participle "de$teptat"?

>So we will have a pseudo-root "Stepta" where "ta" is a sufix.

There you have "specta" that, metathesized, turns "$tepta".

Only as "frig", plural "friguri /fri-gurj/. The adj.

>[Moeller] frigider beeing a french loan?
>Interesting in this ecuation is "frige" = sich brennen= to
>burn himself with soemthing hot.
>frige= cf DEX=lat frigere= cold, freezing, not hot like
>romanian frige.

frige-re is to roast, burn. frigus, frigoris is cold. Two
different words already in Latin.

>the same as in freezing" so , they used frige for " to burn
>himself" and deger or inghetz ( from gheatza= eis= cf DEX from
>latinn glacia)

Well, seen this way, ...a chilblain (Frostbeule; degeratura) really
gives one a... burning impression.

>[Moeller] yeap.
>frânge= lat frangere, scurge=lat excurrere, strânge=lat

What? Those verbs I had mentioned aren't substrat ones, but
Latin? Amazing! :)