Re: *gwistis

From: g
Message: 15577
Date: 2002-09-18

>[Moeller] Let see first "bade". Bade is pronounced in these
>subdialects baghe and not bage..

I beg to differ! (Your assertion implies you've never listened
to Romanian radio & TV programmes, e.g. esp. country songs
from Banat, that are plenty of "bage" /badZe/ = "bade".) I
specified: Banat. And I add: the Western part of Oltenia,
called Mehedintzi (i.e. on the both banks of the river Cerna).
(To a lesser extent in some regions of Transylvania, in the
Cluj & Bistritza-Nasaud counties, there are also /tS, dZ/ for
/t^, g^/.)

>there is too big the
>confusion of bage with " bage"= to put in.

In your region, certainly. But not in those above.

>I did not heard bage, but baghe. I do not say it is said
>somewhere "bage" just I did not heard it.

How come? (I'm genuinely curious; but don't reply on this
here, do it via personal email.)