[tied] Re: *gwistis

From: m_iacomi
Message: 15571
Date: 2002-09-18

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> [Moeller] well explain me the form of deSti in rom and giSt in
> albanian with the same "St" of your latin digitus. Did in
> albanian gi from latin went too St?

For Romanian, see my previous message. For the Albanian word, it
would be very surprising as Latin /g/ followed by /i/ or /e/ stays
palatal in Albanian, as in gemere > <gje:moj>, gen(ti)s > <gjinde>,
pervigilare > <pe:rgjoj> (see, though, cogitare > <kujtoj>, with
fall of -g- as in Old Italian coitare, Sardinian kuitare), and
Latin /d/ before an /i/ would give /z/ (or /d/) in Albanian:
d(i)rectus > <drejte:>, Diana > <zane:>, spodium > <shpuze:>.
Straightforward would be the fall of the first syllable and Latin
-gi- > Albanian gi-.

>> From Latin to Romance languages, intervocalic -g- would usually
>> disappear, already in CIL we have <trienta> instead of <triginta>,
>> <vinti> instead of <viginti>, <Austa> instead of <Augusta>, etc.;
> [Moeller] I understand from your opinion that CIL is the
> reflection of the language of the folks from Roman empire.

The inscriptions I mentionned are up to the IVth century a.D.

> I should be very carefully when I will argue with this hot
> stuff..

Fundamentally right: you really should be very careful.

> [Moeller] ah, again sardinian? well, if not spain nor portugal,
> nor french nor italian,nor retoromanish, then at least
> sardinian.....

While being in the middle of some Latin-speaking regions due
to its' isolation, there was less place left for inovations in
Sardinian, as well as in Romanian for geographical reasons.

> [Moeller]
> but Angelo in italian, Giovani in italian to, originale in
> italian, original in french, with a good preservation of "g"..
> well.. that is life..

As for Romanian, you should make the difference between inherited
words and loanwords from Latin. Giovanni should not be considered
as a point for your allegations since it has /g/ at the beginning,
not between vowels.

Marius Iacomi