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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-16

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> How OK , and perfectly in the historical picture is that the romanians have few slavic words from the ancient slavs, if we remember that in the VII century the slavs from Dacia after their defeat by gepidae, were "forced" to move south of Danube.
By the Gepidae? In the _seventh_ century? Something is wrong here: either the people or the date.

> What doesnt fit too much is that the rumanians have such much words from bulgarian. And that the romanian "phonetism" shows "traces" of north bulgarian. This is a another strange thing for a people who are supposed to cradle womewhere in balcans, south  or south-west of bulgarians
Why? When the Vlachs first appear as a significant ethnos in the Byzantine records, it's in coexistence with the Slavic Bulgarians in what is now northern Greece and southern Bulgaria, then expanding north. Who says they borrowed Slavic words while still in their "cradle"?

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