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From: danjmi
Message: 15491
Date: 2002-09-15

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> I read now that the word "light" in romanian is in fact the
> word "world". Is there any example from all you know where in
>a language, no matter which one, could be even one non IE
>could be from Papua New Guinea, is there a language where
Beside the Old Church Slavonic "svetu", the source of the Ukr.
word already mentioned by George, and clearly the word on
which the Romanian was calqued, Buck lists Sanskrit "loka-"
'open space, earth, world', related to Greek "leukos" 'bright' ,
Latin "lucus" 'grove' (notoriously "a non lucendo") etc. The
semantics of the transfer of meaning should be obvious, except
perhaps to moles or eathworms.