Re: Celery

From: George
Message: 15457
Date: 2002-09-14

>How is [ts] perceived by people who have [s] and [dz], but not [ts]?
>I suspect as [s]

As by Turks. Speaking German as newbies, they say, e.g., "swei"
/svai/ instead of "zwei" /tsvai/ (two).

>Just to confuse matters, on-line Pokorny gives a Thracian name
>as Diuzenus (Roman alphabet) [...] Diogenes, a compound of Zeus.

it seems to be the Thracian variant of it (where [z] <-> [g]!).

< IE *diuo- + *g^enos (apud I.I. Russu, 1967)

>However, if Thracian, it should begin with 't', not 'd', unless it's a
>borrowing from Greek.

Or... unless it's an... exception. :) (Any rule could have exceptions.
How about these? Decebalus/Decibalus, Decenaeus. Why weren't they
Deseb-/Dezeb-, Desen-/Dezen-, Dizeb-/Dizen-?)

BTW, di- > z, as in Derna > Dierna > Zern- (Tsern-) as well as
Sabadios > Sabaz-, belongs to changes that are late, i.e. seen in the
historical epoch. (again apud Russu, cf. supra)