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> Is this parallel of any help? Rum. "tzarc" (a place
> by a fence) -- Albanian "thark". (I mean for the assumed *ð
> tz.)

This wouldn't happen to be cognate with torg "market", by some


A "market" can be a thark/tzarc a place good determined, a
fenced one.. But if this should have had once this meaning in
rom. and alb., then this meaning is for long time lost. Today
in rom. it is known just as place where are kept the
animals..But hmm.. the verb, întzãrcui, is used to "close
something" to make a fence there. Obiously you have "îngrãdi"
since ingradi= gard = fence in romanian, but "îngrãdi" is
used when you want to repair something at fence or to repair a
loch in a fence. If you speak about land, terrain, you will
use or întzãrcui or împrejmui.Împrejmui= prefix "in"
+preajamã= around and it is supossed to come from slavic
I wonder about the conjugation of întzarcui and
îngradi.Because at the person one sg. the sufix is "ui". and
George told me about a rule that the hungarian loans into
romanian are all conjugate with "ui" at pers. one sg. cf.
bantui= hung. bantani. He has more examples to give falls
someone wants them , since he known hungarian too..