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> All examples from DEX

> stih(sl.stihU)=religious verse

I hope DEX traces it all the way back to Greek stĂ­khos, whence
English also
has 'stich', meaning verse. I can't check whether the PIE
root is *steigH
or *steig^H; my Internet link is sick and Onions doesn't give
any satem


[Moeller] no .DEX does not trace it. DEX gives just the first
language where the word could come . DEX is not an etym. dict.
but because of its tradition, there are given the etym. of the
words too, in a short way, without going deeply in question.
In fact , the only romanian dict. etim. I know, ist the one of
Cioranescu which was republished this year in a luxus edition
after almost 30 years from last apparition. And there are not
all the words, just a part of them so far I am informed.