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Date: 2002-09-12

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> [Moeller] why irregular? Irregular from what?

As any normal English reader would realize, a Dacian
would have evolved not in 'Telina' but in *dzelina > *zelina.
The fact is Romanian word _is_ /Telina/ => irregular

[Moeller] yeap. The only problem here is if the dacian is to
ask how the greeks should have wrote the "tz" sound. Are there
examples of actual "tz" in any language which are to find ina
greek document?

> [Moeller] I am very curious too..

I couldn't find Albanian word for 'parsley', I'll have to
this evening my dictionary. But here are the others (plus

English parsley celery
Bulgarian magdanoz celina (voiced /Telina/),
Hungarian petrezselyem zeller
Serbo-Croatian perSun celer (voiced /Teler/)
Albanian ... (t.b.c.) selino

[Moeller] I guess alvin will help us if we do not find it.

As it looks from here, a Bulgarian intermediate would fit
better as guess. French céleri has not influenced Balkan words

Marius Iacomi

[Moeller] and what will we have to do with pãtrunjel " in
romanian?One is clear. Pãtrunjel is not tzelinã:-)