Re: [tied] What the Beaver Teaches Us about Mycenaean

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-11

Just for the record: Greek *<bibros> or *<bebros> 'beaver, chewer, whatever' is not attested directly or indirectly, right? There is no earthly reason to posit it and to credit the Greeks with inventing what everybody else but Steve Long sees fit to reconstruct as PIE *bHebHrus (however we explain it). Since you don't provide any constructive arguments in favour of the Greek origin of the word, you make me fight shadows, and I don't care for that. I simply have no time or patience to discuss a ghost form ad infinitum, not to mention the multiply cloned red herrings ("special explanations" for each branch that has the word) that result from this exchange. Does anyone else feel like discussing it? I'm definitely not going to reply to this thread in any way.
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> First, just for the record, *gWigWro:sko: -- in that form -- is unattested
ever.  Am I right?