Dacian Dielina

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 15373
Date: 2002-09-11

The dacian word "dielina" put in discution by Piotr
PIE *dhel > dacian dielina
I tought about Dierna and Tierna where I supposed the greeks ,
romans they have had not "tz". And now I look at the romanian
tzelina which means once a plant and once a kind of earth
tzelina= latin Apium Graveolens asupposed to be loaned from
neo-greek selinon
tzelina= land which was never cultived, or which was let for
long time uncultived, supposed to be a loan from bulgarian or
serbian ( again, these south slavic) "celina"
I look at terra, tzara, tzelina, tzãrâna all having as commont
point "land"
the verbs destzeleni= to make a land a cultivable land and
întzeleni= a land which became uncultivable are just
derivation from second sense of tzelina.

But for the plant, it looks for me to be the same dielina as
in dacian. Opinios?