[tied] Re: -ishte, -eshte

From: m_iacomi
Message: 15363
Date: 2002-09-10

alexmoeller@... wrote:
>> You must've been living in some splendid isolation
>> (& no TV, radio, movies, theater) before you moved to
>> Germany. :) Even in your own Muntenian "Heimat" is
>> /dă$kide/ popular.
> [Moeller] i must have trouble with my ears in this case. In
> muntenia in deschide is no "sh" . there is a clean "s" like in
> scrie

You have. Even in Bucharest some uneducated people prefer to
use the form "dă$kide".

> But that will mean that these sufixes are indigens.. or that
> they developed paralel from PIE. Is there a ideea about?


>>> Even the word "greu"= hard is suppoesed to come from
>>> an hypothetical *grevis. The latin word was gravis.
>> What's your problem with that? In class. Lat. "grauis".
>> Not too remote our "greu".
> [Moeller] I dont put any dacian words here. I just observe the
> inconcordances . And the word grevis doesnt exist in latin.

Try to convince Catalans that "greu" (same spelling & meaning)
doesn't come from vernacular Latin *grevis.

> It was "re-modeled" after levis. That is all. Is there for french
> , spain, portugal the same grevis ? Or the "re-modelation" was
> made just for romanian?

You may try also for Occitan "greu/greva".

Marius Iacomi