Re: Caucasian Alania?

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15345
Date: 2002-09-10

>formed a kingdom which was destroyed by the Goths. Part of them went
>to North Africa with the Vandals to set up a state there which was
>destroyed by the East Roman emperor Justinian. Another contingent of
>Alans ended in China where several are found hundred years later is
>imperial civil servants. The Alans' other name was A:s.

And in Catalonia (Goth+Alania). (Later, other As settled down in
the Tisza plain in Hungary, somewhere between Debrecen and
Budapest, where numerous toponyms start with "Jász" /ja:s/, which
is the Hungarian name of the Alans; as well as a Hungarian surname.
Ia$i (or Jassy), the capital of Moldavia, seems to have the same