Re: Caucasian Alania?

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2002-09-10

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> > The article identifies
> > "Alania" with the Yassi of the Primary Chronicle.====
> > Hope this helps just a little bit++++
> Thank you, it does.
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The Alans took part in the breaking up of Rome. In the mid 5th
century, they crossed the Rhine with several Germanic tribes. They
took part on the Roman side in the battle against the Huns on the
Catalaunian fields. Part of them ended up in Portugal where they
formed a kingdom which was destroyed by the Goths. Part of them went
to North Africa with the Vandals to set up a state there which was
destroyed by the East Roman emperor Justinian. Another contingent of
Alans ended in China where several are found hundred years later is
imperial civil servants. The Alans' other name was A:s.