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Date: 2002-09-09

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> In verbs (the fourth conjugation, I think), <-$t-> is simply
the palatalised counterpart of <-sc-> before front-vowel
endings: cf. Lat. nascor > It. nascere, Rom. se na$te.
> Piotr

It is a good example Piotr. I almost forgot about it but you
rememberd to me now. In romanian is word with unknown
ethymology as fallow:
a nãscoci= to invent something, , to make something, to create
something, to imagine untrue things semanticaly to give if I
am allowed to say so, "to give birth " to something, a ideea,
a thing, but never to give birth to a baby.
This is very , very appropiate to latin "nascro" and from
semantic, what can I say, "a nashte" in romanian is not used
just for give birth to babies but too to invent something and
all the stuff i explained for " a nãscoci"