Re: [tied] -ishte, -eshte

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-09

You know what? Read my reply again _carefully_ and answer you own questions. Hint: [o] and [u] are not front vowels.
The fact that Romanian -i$te and Albanian -ishtë (with exactly same function) are late loans and not inherited formants is easy to demonstrate. Proto-Albanian *-sk- between vowels would have developed into -h- or -ç-.
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[moeller]and why not in nascoceshte? you have too sc there?
why not in scorneshte? why not in tescuieshte?, why not in
Normaly you should have had the nashtoceshte, teshuieshte,
boshorodeshte( to speak uninteligibely) but we have
boshorogeste = to became invalid.
Even the latinist Rosetti and Graur shows that -esc,
and -isk(iskus) are thracian suffixes.So I do not see the
necesity to be slav.
And if these are so productive in german and slav and romanian
than why not PIE evolution in all. ? why slavic for all?