Re: [tied] *gWerh3- "to devour"

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 15323
Date: 2002-09-09

The conventional reconstruction is based on the colour of the nil grade in Greek. *gWrH- > bro:-, so H = h3, while *gWrh2 would have given Gk. bra:.


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Subject: [tied] *gWerh3- "to devour"

> I noticed the *h3... Hmmm, I'm just wondering if it's possible
> to analyse that stem with the help of the o-grade instead. Thus,
> perhaps *gWerx- or *gWorx- versus *gWrox-. (Of course, *x here
> is to designate a uvular aspirate corresponding to both *H2 and
> *H3 of traditional notation).