Re: Caucasian Alania?

From: gerryreinhartwaller2001
Message: 15322
Date: 2002-09-09

Yes. I've heard of the Alans people, a migration of Iranians from
Central Asia to the northern Caucasus. Supposedly the Alani are the
easternmost division of the Sarmatians and are Iranian nomads with
some Altaic admixture.

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Gerry Reinhart-Waller

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> Does anyone on the list know anything about a medieval kingdom
> called Alania? I have read that it was in the Caucasus, not far
> from where the modern Ossetes live (and that the kingdom was
> by the Ossetes Alanic ancestors), but I have come across some that
> believe that there was no such kingdom in the Caucasus, and that
> Ossetes originated in a region called Alania on the _western_
> of the Black sea, and migrated to the Caucasus at some later
> Can anyone help settle this matter?
> Thanks,
> Chris Gwinn