Greek Beer

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Date: 2002-09-06

<<Looking up "beer' in Buck, I find the Greek "brutos/ bruton" with
the comment "first used (Archil.) with reference to Thracian or
Phrygian beer and properly a Thracian form : OE breowan 'brew"
etc. Walde-P. 2.168" So we're dealing with Thracian, not Greek, phonology.>>

That explains <brutos> but does it explain <brosis>? BTW I'm glad to see
that Buck knows what the word for beer was in Thracian or Phrygian (or even
what their phonology was.) Those two languages are a great catch-basin. But
Budweiser is the name of a brewery in Missouri and not central Europe, so we
know that brewers and their words can be international -- though not to our
knowledge specifically Thracian or Phrygian r even Germanic. The real
question might be over how long a period brewing beer was "international."

<<Beer was always a bit foreign to the Greeks.>>

Actually, there's reason to believe that fermented grains, etc. were only
gradually replaced by wine in Greece. But we know the Greeks were still
making, selling and even taxing "beer" or some specific kind of malt liquor
in the BCE and long before we have any direct evidence of it in Germany.
(And why did they call "the beer of the northern nations" > "zutos" if
"brutos" was the beer of the northern nations?)

This is from L&S. Note the BC dates.
"zuthos, an Egyptian kind of beer, brewed with barley
2. beer of northern nations,.. (The word was used in Egypt acc. to Thphr.
l.c., etc.: written zuto- (q. v.) in the older Pap...."
-zu_têra , hê, tax on brewing, PCair.Zen.176.30 (iii B.C.), PTeb.40.4 (ii
-zu_tas , a, ho, brewer, BGU1087ii2 (iii A.D.).
-zuthion, to, Dim. of zuthos, = alphitou posis, Hsch.

Although the word is given an Egyptian origin, it would seem to have
something in common with a Greek word for fermenting --- (what is the origin
of the Indic "soma" by the way)

zu_m-ôma , atos, to, fermented mixture
zu_m-ôtos , ê, on, fermented, leavened,
zu_m-oô , zumê) leaven, :--Pass., to be leavened, ferment, LXX in a ferment,
zu_m-ôtikos , ê, on, causing to ferment, tinos
zu_m-ourgos , ho, maker of leaven,
2. cause to effervesce,
zu_m-ôsis , eôs, hê, fermentation