Re: [tied] Piotr and the Dacians:-)

From: mbikqyres
Message: 15187
Date: 2002-09-06

--- In cybalist@..., Piotr Gasiorowski <piotr.gasiorowski@...>
> > - where exactly is in balcan thier home land?
> Roughly the modern territory of Macedonia, southern Serbia and
western Bulgaria. That's what I'd put my money on. The Albanians also
originated somewhere within this area.

[Alvin] Pokorny relates Illyrian Buni to modern Albanian terms for
dwelling like bunë or even buj or banoj. The river Buna/Bunë goes
from the lake of Shkodër to Adriatic sea.

Also you saw a relation of the Illyrian name Drenos (river Drin,
ending in the Adriatic sea) to IE der-, Albanian derdh (ejaculate).
Probably to Albanian dren/dre/drer (deer) and dredh/dridh (curl) as

The ancient Illyrian name of the mountain Tomorr (south Albania),
TOmaroj (IE tem, dark) has counterparts in Albanian terr (dark) and
tmerr (fear).

The name of Illyrian king Bardhyl- is still explained with Albanian
words bardh + h/yll (shining star).

When it comes to Illyrian queen Teuta or TeÚtaroj (IE teutƒ, crowd) a
great number number of Albanian related words could be found: tufë
(flock), turmë (crowd), tumbë (flock, crest), tubë (herd), tul
And why not becoming a single human person in teto/teta/tetoja
(aunt) ?!
Why not becoming a leader in turi (muzzle) ?!

We also have Illyrian Turo/Turus (tower) in Albanian turrë (pile) and
probably farther developed into kullë (tower).

Some other words I ran into:

Illyrian en/anna/AnnUla (mother) is related to Albanian nana/nënë
(mother, grandmother), amë (mother), maybe even ninananë/ninullë (a
song sang by a mother to her child).

Illyr. potnia (lady), Alb. ije/ija (grandmother, old lady),
zojë/zoja/zonjë/zonja (lady).

Illyr. to, Alb te/tek

Illyr. Boii, Alb bie (hit, fall).

Illyr. *balta, Alb baltë/balta.

Illyr. *paitf, Alb petkë (a kind of dress).

Illyr. br-sa (grapeoil), Alb bërsi (grapeoil, rape)

Illyr. rinos (clouds), Alb. re (clouds).