Re: [tied] Piotr and the Dacians:-)

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 15138
Date: 2002-09-05

BLOODY HELL!!! Alex! Don't you know YOUR OWN language? Can anyone be so dumb? Why don't you consult an English dictionary before you start correcting people who know what they're talking about? _Anguis fragilis_ (the basic meaning of the word and the first one given by yourself below) is the Latin name of the BLINDWORM, also known as a SLOWWORM, a legless lizard, not a real snake.
As for the toponyms I questioned, a reference to a published source will be enough.
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[Moeller] naparca is the usual word for serpent my dear. I
have no ideea who gice you such  informations but ok let see
what the DEX means:

1) lat. Anguis Fragilis, lizard
2) popular=viper Expr. "pui de naparca"= very bad guy
3) a small and thin boat for navigation. mm. there is a sens
more I will tell you in erman, my english let me die here..
Who told you about a blindworm?Grrrr.. About the rest of
toponyms and hydronims. Do you will let me post a big map here
on files? Is indeed 1,5 MB but a excelent quality. You will
see for yourself. May I ?