Stratum Terminology - (was Keeping up, barely)

From: richardwordingham
Message: 15118
Date: 2002-09-05

--- In cybalist@..., Piotr Gasiorowski <piotr.gasiorowski@...>
> And of course the obsessive concentration on a single substratal
element in a language that has several such components, and even
demanding that the language should be genetically re-classified for
the sake of that particular substrate is something no linguist can
approve of.

I wonder how much grief has been caused by the ambiguity of the
word 'substrate':

1. The remains of a (usually dead) language embedded in another.

2. The remains (including influences) of a population's original
language embedded in the higher-status language that has replaced it.

(There may be better definitions of these two notions.)

Meaning 1 is the one given by the OED.

I looked up the term in Crystal's 'Encyclopedia of Language' last
night. It gives Meaning 2 only.

Examples of grief:
A. Alex is keenly interested in a 'substrate' as defined by Meaning
2. What he latched onto was a 'substrate' with Meaning 1.

B. Piotr and I had one exchange on Bangani simply because I was
unaware of Meaning 1.