Re: Miguel & dentis

From: richardwordingham
Message: 15117
Date: 2002-09-05

--- In cybalist@..., alexmoeller@... wrote:
> I researched a bit about that ominos PIE radical propposed by
> Miguel "g^ombh" .There is no one. At least not in my Pokorny-s
> list.
> But is one there how I said that it should be , with "e" not
> with "o". So we have the radical "g^embh"

Only listing the e-grades at must have
saved a lot of work!

> And in this case the game changes. Because if "o" nevery
> diftongued to "jo" but to "oa" , here Miguel was indeed right,
> the "e" diftongued to "y" and here i get my g^>z in zimtz.
> It remains only the "ts" hard to explain because bh>b in
> romanian substrate here.
> g^embh>zimb>zimtz ( where ts is the weak point).

I am puzzled by Miguel's hint that 'tz' is Slavonic '-its-'. Has
this suffix been productive in Romanian? A Slavonic ze,bitsU (or
something similar - I am no Slavicist) seems to be being proposed as
a source, but did Slavonic actually use the e-grade or zero grade of
the root? Am I overlooking something else?