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Date: 2002-09-04

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>[Moeller] thank you Miguel
>If I suppose romanian zimtz commes from g^ombh I need just to
>explan the "tz" here because the rules works.
>"o" diftongated in romanian and there is an "jo"

Where is there a "jo"? /o/ did not *not* diphthongize to "jo"
in Romanian (nor
in any other language I know, as a matter of fact). /o/ may
diphthongize to
/oa/, but not here.

[Moeller] right miguell./o/ did not diphtongize in jo but in
/oa/. and "g^" is already palatised here already from PIE, so
nothing to do.But is the radical gômbh?Or did you did a
mistake and the radical is g^embh?