"The hunt for Odin"

From: george knysh
Message: 14871
Date: 2002-08-31

Thor Heyerdahl's book by that title was published in
Norwegian in late 2001. An English language version is
expected to be available in November 2002. Here is a
link to an extremely unflattering review of this opus,
which dismisses Heyerdahl and his colleague as
incompetent pseudo-scientists dabbling in matters they
know less than nothing about. The rejection is so
strong, in fact, that it might perhaps generate some
doubt as to the whether Heyerdahl's book is that
bad...Those of us who do not understand Norwegian will
have to wait for the English text. But I find the
critics' misunderstanding of the mediaeval dialogue
form as a useful method for serious scientific debate,
and their obiter accusations against Omeljan Pritsak's
work (Heyerdahl certainly didn't get any of his Odin
views from the latter!!) just as troublesome as the
Heyerdahl contentions (if these have in fact been
reported correctly).


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