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Date: 2002-08-29

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> There is no suffix -pi. There is a prefix cu-/co-, however,
so we are most
> likely dealing here with a root -trop-, absolutely nothing
whatsoever to do with
> *kat-
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[Moeller] mmm, not really :
1)Bangani "kOtro" has the same composition in your way to see
it: co=sufix, tro=root
cotropiin romanian co=prefix, tro=root, pi=?
2)what does speak against "tro" beeing a root and what does
speak for "trop" beeing a root?
3)the rumanian word has an unknown ethymology, could not be
linked to any latin word, or slavic or german or hungarian or
turcic. They tried everyone who once was hunting in Balcans ,
but nothing found:-)

P.S. as I seen in the study of Zorell the banganic form of
gOsti has an another form with "A"= gasti