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From: guto rhys
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Date: 2002-08-28

'Caiso' being a 'mistake' (?) for 'gaiso'?

Yes, I do believe Celtic spear-men were referred to as 'gaesati', or something similar in Latin sources (as I mentioned, I do not have reference to my books, so my forms of words etc. may well be inaccurate or simply wrong - I do apologize. 'Gwayw' being the modern Welsh reflex. What are it's cognates in other languages?

 Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:

I think <caiso-> = *gaiso- (= Gmc. gaiza-) 'spear', cf. Gaiseric the Vandal.
Not sure about <lugn->. Perhaps 'bent, crooked' (cf. Gmc. *lukka-, ON personal name Lokki).
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From: guto rhys
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Subject: [tied] personal names

'lugn' and 'caiso' are the only elements of which I don't remember the etymology. Perhaps someone could help me.

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