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Date: 2002-08-28

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> > Cimbri: Boiorix. Teutones: Teutobodus. Other Cimbrian
> > Lugnius, Caisorix.
> Speaking of boi-: Is it possible that this root which is
behind the
> various "farmer, peasant" words in Germanic and apparently
also in
> other languages could be behind some of Alex' bo- words?
> address"? Children and underlings had the same status then.
> >
> > Torsten

[Moeller] Torsten, so far I remeber even in Danemark is used
"boier" for someone who own land or so. In romanian is too
"boier" but is supposed to be a loan from slavic boljarinU and
means someone with something more lands , but later developed
in a rich man in the middle ages.
Did slavic influence danish too?