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Date: 2002-08-27

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Hi, all,

>[Moeller] The exemlpe of rum.
>"borborsi" or reg. "bolborosi" is a word where I cannot see
>onomatopoic here. Is much too similar with "to speak"

According to Romanian dictionaries, the verb "a bolborosi"
(to talk gibberish) initially refers to... liquids: the noise
caused by a fervent, boiling or whirling status.

[Moeller] I am not sure if is the primary sense is about the
noise made by a liquid. So let us take a look at the romanian

1) To talk uninteligible, to talk in a foreign language which
is not understood
2) (about liquids) to make a noise like the bowling water

But because you asked about the greek word, let us rememebr
even in the slavic languages is a similar word to find.At
least in ukrainean : "boZkorodity" which has a romanian
equivalent= boscorodi with the sense 1) from borborosi.

Question: are in the slavic languages something similar or
just ukrainean is the one with a such word?