Re: [tied] Hallstattkultur and Cimmerians

From: george knysh
Message: 14636
Date: 2002-08-27

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
> Interesting is :
> just after 600 BC are in in Rum´┐Żnien scytic traces
> to find..
> Over 200 years later as the thraco-cimmerians.. If
> the
> cimmerians really migrated, in 200 years they have
> had all the
> time to find the westside of Europe:-)))

*****GK: I wonder what point you are trying to make
here? In 200 years Cimmerian individuals COULD have
migrated to anywhere in the world. But the only area
other than Eastern Europe where a Cimmerian presence
is clearly attested historically (to a much lesser
extent archaeologically)is Asia Minor and the
Caucasus. We have no evidence at all of any
significant Cimmerian migration towards Western Europe
which would have either helped to create or modify the
proto-Celtic Hallstatt culture (or early
proto-Germanic cultures) during any of their phases.
There are words (meaning "hero") in Ossetian and
Georgian which may be linked to the Cimmerian
phenomenon. For Western Europe all that seems
available to fantasists are highly doubtful if not
entirely incorrect identifications of Cimmerians with
Cimbri or Cymru. After the judicious comments
dismissing these identifications posted on the list in
the last few days there seems little urgency in
continuing along this path.******
> regards
> a. moeller

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