Re: [tied] barba, farfeche, bãiat

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-08-27

According to Kurylowicz, MHG barte is attested as a weak stem. It is hardly unusual for a Germanic feminine to have weak and strong variants, e.g. OE earc ~ earce 'chest, box' (Lat. arca), similarly in MHG (but only <arka> attested in Gothic). Slavic borrowed it as *orky (> e.g. Cz. rakev 'coffin').
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From: Miguel Carrasquer
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"Barda" in the sense of axe is a Germanic coinage.  AFAIK, it did not exist in Continental Celtic, and neither is the same word in the sense of "beard" attested in Continental Celtic.  From Germanic it spread into Slavic and Romance (although Slavic brady ~ bradva suggests a Germanic source *bardo:, instead of attested barda, does anyone know any more details?).