Re: [tied] Re: lat. barbatus

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 14593
Date: 2002-08-27

<bâlbâi> could just about equally well be a Romanian onomatopoeic word without an etymology or continue the Latin onomatopoeic root <balb-> as in <balbus, balbu:tio:>. The problem is that with transparent onomatopoeia you rarely know which is the case (cf. English babble and blabber which can't be regular cognates of <balbus> but look similar nevertheless).
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I should like just to inform you that the rom. has too the verb "stammer" which is "bâlbâi" .Of course my rom. dictionary says this is too an onomatopoic and "bolborosi"=speaking uninteleigible, is an onomatopoic too.
Too much onomatopoic wors almost with the same aspect in several languages, but these are too , just toughts now.